How Big is the Social Internet?

If you ever wondered just how many people are using Social Networking tools this graphic from Digital Thought will help to put it all into context.

During initial parent cybersafety meetings at Ivanhoe Grammar School Renata Rowe explained that if Facebook were a country then it would be the third largest country in the world based on population! And many of our students are citizens of that country.

Another interesting graphic is the Map of Online Communities. In 2007 the Social Networking world looked like this. By 2010 the map has changed totally as Facebook has become dominant. Sites like MySpace still have huge memberships but the number of people around the world using Social Networking has increased exponentially.

About Gavin May

Gavin May is a parent at Ivanhoe Grammar School and formerly the Director of ICT. is aimed at helping parents live in a connected world, where the internet is central to much of what we do, and certainly much of what our children do. The easy option is to just block it - the better option is to get involved and stay informed.
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