Call of Duty: Black Ops

Call of Duty: Black Ops with the MA 15+ certificationThe latest release in the popular ‘COD’ games series has broken all games records since its release on 9 November 2010. Call of Duty: Black Ops raked in over $US360 million in the first 24 hours and will continue to increase sales in the run up to Christmas as many children ask Santa for the game.

But parents should pause for a moment before running into a shop to get this game. Take a look at the sticker in the bottom left hand corner. It certifies the game as MA15+ with the tag ‘Strong violence and coarse language‘.

This is ACMA‘s highest rating for a computer or console game, yet in other countries around the World this game is certified as an 18 – equivalent to an X-rated film! If you have a child under 15 years of age then they would not be able to purchase this by themselves.

Many parents will be pressured into purchasing COD and other MA15+ games by their children with the line “but everyone in my class has got Call of Duty“. This is not the case.

For more information on gaming please see our section on Online Gaming in Parental Concerns.

About Gavin May

Gavin May is a parent at Ivanhoe Grammar School and formerly the Director of ICT. is aimed at helping parents live in a connected world, where the internet is central to much of what we do, and certainly much of what our children do. The easy option is to just block it - the better option is to get involved and stay informed.
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