Osama Bin Laden Scam

When the World’s most wanted terrorist is tracked down and killed everyone wants to know all about it. The Americans have so far declined to release a photo proving the death of Osama Bin Laden. This is fuelling more interest as conspiracy theories abound and everyone is naturally curious to know if he really is dead.

But if you are curious enough to view ‘leaked’ photos you should beware as you are likely to become the victim of a scam.

The FBI have issued a warning that supposed photos of Osama Bin Laden are being circulated around the web which are linked to malicious code and fake anti-virus sites that try to con you into believing that your computer is infected.

Even Osama search results in Google Images are leading to infected pages.

We advise that you ensure that your anti-virus software is up-to-date and that you exercise caution if you happen upon these fake images or are invited to view them.

About Gavin May

Gavin May is a parent at Ivanhoe Grammar School and formerly the Director of ICT. www.icybersafe.com is aimed at helping parents live in a connected world, where the internet is central to much of what we do, and certainly much of what our children do. The easy option is to just block it - the better option is to get involved and stay informed.
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