The Importance of Social Media

This is an update on a video you may have seen before about the rise and importance of social media. The statistics are amazing!

Social media is here to stay. As Erik Qualman says in this video “We don’t have a choice on whether we DO social media, the question is how well we do it.”

On this site we often highlight the dangers of the internet and particularly social media, and we make no apologies for that, but when used correctly and intelligently it can have a hugely positive effect on your personal brand or business. Here are 5 reasons why social media is important to your reputation:

  1. Visibility
    The easy option is to avoid social media in case bad things happen to you online. But as Qualman says this is not an option anymore. A school principal recently told me that he always performs an internet search on potential new staff. If he finds anything bad then he doesn’t offer them the job, and if he doesn’t find anything at all then he doesn’t offer them the job either as it indicates that their ICT skills are probably non-existent!
  2. Recruitment checks
    Recruiters are increasingly checking the online profiles of potential staff. They use Google and Bing, Facebook and Twitter, and people specific search engines such as And they’re not just looking for dirt; they’re looking at how well you promote yourself online because this shows that you are digitally aware. Tony Richards, a technology consultant, recently tweeted that HR Managers “are asking for your username & pw to FB for senior positions”.  If your social media profile is good then you have nothing to fear.
  3. Recruitment opportunities
    Recruiters are increasingly using the Internet to fill employment vacancies, and not just online employment websites. is the tool of choice for recruitment head-hunters – it is ‘professional social networking’, where the quality of your profile is paramount.
  4. Marketing
    If you have a business then you need a social media presence as part of your marketing strategy – it gives you direct access to your customers. If your product is great then nothing increases your sales like personal recommendations, whether it’s your coffee shop or your software company. Check out for tips on how to use Twitter to grow your business.
  5. What goes online stays online
    We always warn that what goes online stays online. Well that works for good content too. If someone recommends you or your business then the search engines are going to keep on finding that recommendation for years to come.

About Gavin May

Gavin May is a parent at Ivanhoe Grammar School and formerly the Director of ICT. is aimed at helping parents live in a connected world, where the internet is central to much of what we do, and certainly much of what our children do. The easy option is to just block it - the better option is to get involved and stay informed.
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