“Am I pretty enough?”


A new YouTube trend is leaving teens even more exposed. Girls and Boys video themselves seeking feedback on how others think they look. The videos are often headed, Am I ugly? or Do you think I am pretty? There are no privacy settings so these videos are open to anyone and everyone.

Those who view the video then have a field day  anonymously responding to the question.  The feedback is immediate, unfiltered and can be very harsh.

I thought long and hard about whether I should add this video clip to this post and decided to because I feel that parents need to know what their children are capable of doing. This girl is a normal little girl, she is probably about 10 or a 11 years old, she is not precocious and could be any one of our daughters and yet what she has done could have a devastating impact on her life.

Her video has had a huge 3 million views, and features this sweet little girl asking if she is ugly. Comments left under the video, on both ends of the spectrum are quite disturbing and hurtful.

“Pretty ugly. You’re really pathetic for uploading this video, you knew you  would get hate,” says one cruel viewer.

This is just one of many recent trends leaving children open to peer  judgment. Two years ago formspring.me was all the rage. The site allowed teens  to anonymously pose questions to each other and can be used to cyberbully.

About Renata Rowe

Deputy Head of Campus/Head of Secondary, Ivanhoe Grammar School, Plenty Campus This blog is the School's way of helping our parents and teachers understand and experience the cyber world that their children live in. We post stories about the latest cyber safety issues, and the latest social mediums that their children and teens might be using. We believe that teaching children and teens to be good Digital Citizen from a young age will protect them and their reputations. Our parents have been delighted and have subscribed so that they can receive our updates - we post about once or twice a week. So subscribe - its easy to do, just enter your email address in the box in the top righthand corner of the home page and posts will automatically be delivered to you.
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