Microsoft Support Scam Still Going

18 months ago I wrote about a scam where callers purporting to be from Microsoft Support were ripping off Australians.

The scam involved the scammer telling the victim to go into their system directory and delete a file. In doing so the computer would have thrown up an error and stopped working. The scammer’s solution would have been to offer to fix the error for just $270.

Last month it was reported that the scam had been busted by ACMA and the US Federal Trade Commission, but unfortunately this scam has surfaced again.

This week a friend told me that she had received 3 calls alone in the last week claiming to be Microsoft support. Luckily she knew better. However, one of her family members was not so well informed. She arrived at his house on a chance visit to find him on the phone to “Microsoft”, extremely flustered and with a blank computer screen in front of him. They ended the call and then spent the next hour on the phone to the bank making sure that accounts and credit cards were closed and changed.

If you receive a call from Microsoft or Windows Support or any one else requesting you to make changes to your computer please just ignore it – Microsoft do not phone end users in this way!

In addition, make sure you always have up-to-date anti-virus and security software, regularly run software updates and make sure that the firewall is turned on.

About Gavin May

Gavin May is a parent at Ivanhoe Grammar School and formerly the Director of ICT. is aimed at helping parents live in a connected world, where the internet is central to much of what we do, and certainly much of what our children do. The easy option is to just block it - the better option is to get involved and stay informed.
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