Instagram is the New Black with Tweens!

Instagram and tweensJust as parents seem to have finally got the message that their child should be off Facebook until 13 or be heavily monitored, Tweens have hijacked Instagram.

The explosion of iPod Touches, iPads and the iPhone 5 (the tweens and teens get the hand me down iPhone 4) has aided the incredible growth of this platform. Most parents have not caught up with Instagram in the same way it took them several years to be across Facebook.  Some tweens have been given control over their parents iTunes Account.  ‘Mum, can I download Instagram?  I can share photos with my friends.’, sounds innocuous but it can be used for much more than that.  Pics are liked or not, a subtle or not so subtle comment made, and photos of birthday parties posted for those who were not invited. Followers follow your tweens. Who?  Most don’t know, or care, as it is part of the status of an Instagrammer  that you aim for the most Followers and Follow the most Grammers!

For some Tweens, on Facebook since 11 or 12, monitored and held accountable by their ‘friend’ parents, and aunties, Instagram is a chance to break free.  Parents and grandparents haven’t yet caught on to Instagram, so tweens and their friends can post and comment what they like.

Don’t let this be you!

How Instagram became the social network for tweens | Internet & Media – CNET News.

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