What is Keek? 40 year olds watching 11 year olds!


The dangers: This girl is Australian, the man in this picture lives in the U.S and doesn’t appear to be related to her and yet is subscribed to all her video updates

What is most concerning about this App is the number of tweens and very young teens, mostly girls being followed by incredibly magazine perfect, good looking, teenage ‘boys’.  I have quote marks around the word boys because I honestly don’t believe that they are who their profile pic leads you to believe they are. You only have to check out who they are following to feel a little squeamish.  It is disturbing.

Keek is an app a little like Instagram.  Whereas Instagram is a platform on which you post your photos for others to see and comment on,  Keek is a platform on which you post video footage for your friends or the world to see. The video can be no longer than 36 seconds. It requires only an email address to use and you can be signed up and posting videos in minutes on your ipad, ipod or iphone or android tablet or phone.  It is frighteningly simple.

There do not seem to be any Privacy Settings and a quick look at ‘Keeks’ from Australia brought up many 13 year olds and younger,  posting videos of themselves dressed in pyjamas, bathers or school uniform, commenting on where they live, saying how old they are, pursing their lips, leaning into the camera and so on.  It was quite extraordinary what they were prepared to post.

They were being followed by people who did not look like their 11 year old friends.  Please talk to your tweens and teens about this…..it has scary possibilities.

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Deputy Head of Campus/Head of Secondary, Ivanhoe Grammar School, Plenty Campus This blog is the School's way of helping our parents and teachers understand and experience the cyber world that their children live in. We post stories about the latest cyber safety issues, and the latest social mediums that their children and teens might be using. We believe that teaching children and teens to be good Digital Citizen from a young age will protect them and their reputations. Our parents have been delighted and have subscribed so that they can receive our updates - we post about once or twice a week. So subscribe - its easy to do, just enter your email address in the box in the top righthand corner of the home page and posts will automatically be delivered to you.
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