Rate Me Instagram! Instant Online Beauty Contests.

Beauty PageantAccording to the Washington Post, the latest craze involves young girls around the ages of  12 to 13 posting photos of themselves and asking the sadly popular Internet question: “Hot or not?”

The Post goes on to say that, ‘A quick look at the photos with the #beautycontest, and #amipretty hashtags reveal the many young users looking for Instagram’s judgement, and  some of the cruel or lewd comments that follow.’

Some of the photos are individual users asking for Instagram’s opinion;  others feature a group of faces to be lined up against one another, asking which is the best.

Instagram  is aware of this and by way of a Disclaimer of sorts has recently issued a statement on the practice, advising parents to monitor their child’s online behaviour’.

“We are aware this is a trend taking place on virtually every media platform that teens engage with. We work hard to make Instagram a safe, interesting and vibrant place for teens to spend time and express their creativity through photos.

“As with other social products, we encourage parents to take an active role in understanding what their kids are posting and who they are sharing with.”

So do I!

Read more: http://www.digitaltrends.com/social-media/the-next-creepy-instagram-trend-child-beauty-contests/#ixzz2RgStDliQ

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Deputy Head of Campus/Head of Secondary, Ivanhoe Grammar School, Plenty Campus This blog is the School's way of helping our parents and teachers understand and experience the cyber world that their children live in. We post stories about the latest cyber safety issues, and the latest social mediums that their children and teens might be using. We believe that teaching children and teens to be good Digital Citizen from a young age will protect them and their reputations. Our parents have been delighted and have subscribed so that they can receive our updates - we post about once or twice a week. So subscribe - its easy to do, just enter your email address in the box in the top righthand corner of the home page and posts will automatically be delivered to you.
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1 Response to Rate Me Instagram! Instant Online Beauty Contests.

  1. Jessica Levy says:

    Well wait, the kids that post this stuff on thier own page are also accepting the consequences that follow in the comments. There is a very easy way to avoid this kind of stuff. Keep your page private or dont post it at all. Speaking of private pages, the kids who do chose to make thier page private, (I am one of them) also make the decision as to who follows them. Most likely, if it is only your friends following you, you won’t get alot of hate on the “rate me” questions. Also, there is sich thing as a blocking button. If you are getting hate on something you chose to post, you can simply block them. And may I remind you that these posts say “rate me”? These kids are asking for a honest opinion from the public, therefore, they bring this kind of stuff on themselves. The only ones that can controll the cyberbullying that happen on social media websites are the kids themselves. There is simply too much going on for the app “instagram” to control. Although I agree with you that hateful comments cannot be tolerated, the kids who post this kind of stuff are almost asking for it. That is my point of view.

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