Dirl and Gnoc? Learn the New Online Teen Language!

imageSecret, teen coded messages may be online danger signs. Perhaps parents need to go back to school and learn the new language!   The Daily Mail recently reported, that, ‘these coded messages may be the first clue that their children are self-harming, being bullied or groomed online, or even driven to suicide.

Teenagers and predators alike are using their own language and acronyms on Facebook and other social networking sites to conceal the true nature of their conversations.  Among the danger signs are ‘Dirl’, meaning ‘die in real life’ and used by cyber-bullies to urge victims to kill themselves, and ‘Gnoc’ – ‘getting naked on camera’ – used to lure young people into getting undressed.

Below are more:

The teenagers’ online lexicon revealed:

Bbp: Banned by parents.
Clavicle: Those suffering from eating disorders might use this to search for pictures of people who are very thin, as a prominent clavicle can be seen as a measure of thinness.
#cutfor: Hashtag used to promote self-harm in the name of particular celebrities. #cutforJustinBieber trended in 2013.
Dirl: Die in real life, a phrase which may be used to upset someone
Gcad: Get cancer and die.
Gnoc: Get naked on camera, used to groom young people or as a form of ‘sexting’.
Gokid: Got observers, keep it decent.
Foad: F*** off and die.
Fugly: F****** ugly.
Hduw2bb: Hello do you want to be buddies? Possible interaction with a stranger.
Idttu: I don’t talk to you. Used to ostracise another person online.
Ih8p: I hate parents.
IHML: I hate my life.
Iw2mu: I want to meet you. Suggests possible meet-up with a stranger.
Jlma: Just leave me alone.
Kpc: Keeping parents clueless.
Lggd: Let’s go get drunk.
Miw: Mum is watching.
Mmas: Meet me after school.
Mos: Mum over shoulder.
Np4np: Naked pic for naked pic. Offering to swap pornographic pictures with others online.
Oreo: Racist slang for a black person who is ‘trying to be white’.
Our x: Our secret, used by abusers to encourage victims not to speak out.
Pcrs: Parents can read slang
Pos/Pob: Parent over shoulder or parent over back.
Taw: Teachers are watching.’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2673678/



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