Sex Predator Arrested – Requests Indecent Pics on Kik from 12 Year Old

Kik Over 17This is yet another article warning about the dangers of the popular texting app, Kik Messenger.   Kik cannot be viewed publically.  Pedophiles have taken to texting and sending pictures hoping for a response.  One Mum reports that her 14 year old son received inappropriate sexual messages from what looked like a young teen girl.  He replied sending pictures of himself when she asked for them.  It did not occur to him that behind the pretty profile picture was a male pedophile!

In another story, The Courier Mail in Brisbane reported that, ‘a 22 year-old Brisbane man was arrested on Thursday night after he allegedly forced a girl in North Carolina through Kik Messenger to take indecent pictures of herself’ and send them to him.

Despite the fact that the age limit to sign up for Kik is 17 or over, more and more young children seem to be downloading the app.  Parents are often unaware as children download it onto their Ipods.  If they have wifi it is possible to text and send images to others who have Kik Messenger.  It is popular with children and teens because it is free.

In the same article, ‘a top cyber safety expert, Susan McLean said she was shocked when visiting a Queensland school this week to find at least 25 Year 2 and 3 students from one school were on the messaging service Kik.’

Police warn of sex predator risk with children using apps such as Kik and other social media | The Courier-Mail.

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Deputy Head of Campus/Head of Secondary, Ivanhoe Grammar School, Plenty Campus This blog is the School's way of helping our parents and teachers understand and experience the cyber world that their children live in. We post stories about the latest cyber safety issues, and the latest social mediums that their children and teens might be using. We believe that teaching children and teens to be good Digital Citizen from a young age will protect them and their reputations. Our parents have been delighted and have subscribed so that they can receive our updates - we post about once or twice a week. So subscribe - its easy to do, just enter your email address in the box in the top righthand corner of the home page and posts will automatically be delivered to you.
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