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Cyber Bullying: App Allows Parents To See What Their Child is Posting on Social Media

This is a new App that allows parents to see what they child is posting, and liking  on social media.  It is especially appropriate for parents when their children first begin using social media to allow parents to keep an eye on what … Continue reading

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Monitor and Control you Child’s Phone. Good on ya Mum!!

Are you tired of calling or texting your child and not getting a response? For some reason they seem to go into some sort of paralysis when Mum or Dad calls.  You get the following excuses: my battery went flat, I left it in my car/bag/friend’s … Continue reading

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Monitor your Child’s Kik Messages

Many parents ask me how they can monitor their child’s text messaging.   In the early days, in particular, when your child has their first phone or ipod this can be a useful way to have the conversations needed to ensure … Continue reading

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