Dr Michael Carr-Gregg (PhD MAPS Consultant)  Adolescent Psychologist

Ivanhoe Grammar School is to be congratulated on this cyber safety website initiative. The School has recognised that this is a generation born with a mouse in their hand and like it or not up to 80% of their socialisation in 2010 and beyond will be digital. Rather than ignore or ban the technology, there is a clear educational imperative to teach student the skills, knowledge and strategies to use the net in a safe, smart and responsible way.

Ivanhoe Grammar School has accepted the challenge to make cyber safety an integral part of student well being practices in school, to improve the curriculum in relation to cyber safety, to increase the skill and confidence of teachers to confront cyber safety issues and to work with parents and the community to keep young people safe online. Parents in the Ivanhoe Grammar School Community should take great comfort in knowing that the school is working assiduously to equip students with the capacity to survive and thrive in cyberspace which will be increasingly an important part of their lives, now and in the future.

Mr Roderick D Fraser
Principal Ivanhoe Grammar School

Welcome to the Ivanhoe Grammar School Cyber Safety site. Our School is focussed on educating the whole student in and beyond the classroom so they can successfully live and work in the 21st Century. An essential communication tool for us all is the electronic medium. In particular social networking via electronic means has become an integral part of many people’s interactions with others, especially amongst younger age groups. This is predicted to increase as the means of human interaction in the future. It is important that our Students are aware of how to responsibly utilise all the benefits that modern technology can offer, both now and in the rapidly changing future.

This website and the resources it provides for all – Parents and Students – is designed to support the development of cyber safe actions and attitudes. I gratefully acknowledge the support of Ivanhoe Parents, who participated in several discussions sessions at each of our Campuses. Our aim has been to put appropriate information on the site to assist in ensuring that our children are safe online and also to provide a place of reference for Parents and other adult community members. We hope and anticipate that this resource will be used by other communities like ours wishing to develop a similar approach.

This website is a fine resource and I express my sincere thanks to the Deputy Head of Plenty Campus, Ms Renata Rowe, for her leadership of the project.