Parental Concerns

You would not allow your child to leave your home at the time of their choice, wander aimlessly around the streets and shops, meet up with people they do not know, go to places they haven’t been to or you have banned, and stay out as long as they feel like it. The potential dangers in a situation like this are immense and you would never consider allowing them to do so without clear boundaries and some supervision.

So when they ask if they can go on the internet ensure that you supervise and set the parameters you would if they wanted to out to meet their friends at the local shopping strip.

The dangers range from accidently clicking on a link that leads to inappropriate images to being groomed by older men or women. This section outlines some of the possible dangers that your children may face and suggests strategies to avoid being caught.

For specific dangers of cyberbullying click on this link:  Cyberbullying