I dosing

Latest Internet Craze – I-Dosing!

Just when you thought you had heard it all, a new craze called “I-Dosing” that creates a “digital high” is being taken up by teens in the US.  I asked my Year 11 class if anyone had heard of it or done it and they, thankfully, had not but like other things it is sometimes only a matter of time before interest is raised in Australia.  I-Dosing involves listening to purposely created audio files downloaded from the Internet. Videos of teens in extreme distress while using these “digital drugs” are appearing on Youtube; some receiving almost half a million hits. Typically, the audio files consist of droning music which removes the listener from reality and places them in a dream-like state. I-Dosers report that the sensation of I-Dosing is similar to what one feels after taking illicit drugs like marijuana and ecstasy.

Schools in America have sent letters to parents to inform them about the dangerous trend, and some schools are beginning to ban iPods at school because of it. .

One user posted a note on Youtube about an ‘I-Dose called ‘Shroom’, The user wrote: ‘just listened to this… at the beginning I began to see some blinking light (while eyes closed), then the pitch went up and I began to feel that Im sinking into my chair…as the pitch went down I began to feel confident, and very relaxed, and I dont want to stand up from my chair and I dont want to say any words…’