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What Are the Dangers of Spam?

Spam is unsolicited email sent to your account usually in order to encourage you to buy something, or invest something. Apart from Spam being annoying some spammers put viruses, worms and Trojans into your computer. Some viruses are meant to shut you down or crash your computer. Some are more to spy on you when you are online. These are called spyware, and adware. This is how some of these companies force you to go to their websites every time you go into your search engine.

This is a very popular way for spammers to get into your daily routine. A lot of these types of spammers’ programs will attach themselves to your computer’s operating system in a way that prevents you from removing them because in getting rid of these programs, you will ruin your computer’s ability to function properly. It is an ingenious way of forcing their products and/or services on you.

Many times when this happens, you are forced to have to completely reboot your computer and set it up again from scratch, which is why it is always good to have a backup of all of your information, at least for the items that you cannot afford to lose. A good resource to help you with this can be found at