Internet Filtering Software

Blocking software or filters are the names used for programs that you can install and use on your computer to control the information that is accessed by children whilst on the internet. Blocking software:
  • can block or minimise the risks of harmful violent material, sexually explicit material and chat lines being displayed on your computer;
  • is inexpensive and available from most computer suppliers or straight from the provider’s sites.
At Ivanhoe Grammar School we have tested a number of different web filter options on the notebook computers that our Students use. Each web filter has a range of different options and capabilities, some will be suitable for use with the School notebook, some will be suitable for use on your home computer. We highly recommend that you carry out your own research in conjunction with our findings.
The filters tested were:

External Resources

Internet Content Filtering and Blocking –
This site was set up by Electronic Frontiers Australia. It provides detailed information regarding the filtering and blocking of unwanted Internet content. The information provides information regarding free filters that are available for home use. It provides practical advice on Internet safety, parental control and filters for the protection of children, students and families.
Internet Filtering Software Reviews –
This site simply reviews the top ten filtering software applications.
Google Filtering –
This preferences or options page at Google allows you to set filtering levels.