Net Nanny

“With the trends of today’s online community, keeping your kids safe on the internet has never been more challenging. Now, with the convenience and protection of Net Nanny’s internet filter software, you can be assured that your children will be protected from the things they don’t need to see while still being able to do what they need to. With the parental control tools provided by this powerful internet filter, parents can feel comfortable knowing that what their children do on the internet is in their hands.”  Net Nanny website.

You can find out more about Net Nanny at:

Mac or PC  Both
Age categories  Yes
Blocks inappropriate websites  Yes
Blocks Instant Messaging  Yes
Blocks chat rooms  Yes
Blocks Sending of personal information (name, address etc)  Yes*
Cannot be uninstalled even under Administrator user  No
Blocks access at pre-determined times/after number of hours  Yes
Automatic Updates  Yes
Provides Reports for Parents  Yes
Compatible with Ivanhoe IT Network  Yes

* Keywords for personal information would need to be configured.