Definitions of Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is the use of social media, e-mail, instant messaging, chat rooms, mobile phones, or other forms of information technology to deliberately harass, threaten, or intimidate someone. The problem is compounded by the fact that a bully can hide behind an electronic veil, disguising his or her true identity. This makes it difficult to trace the source, and encourages bullies to behave more aggressively than they might, face-to-face. Cyberbullying can include such acts as posting or texting mean comments, making threats, sending insults or racial or ethnic slurs, and masquerading. Victims can delete or block the perpetrator, limit computer connection time, not respond to threatening or defamatory messages, never opening e-mail messages from sources they do not recognize and report the bullying to the School. See Report it to the School

How to stop cyberbullies

If you are being cyberbullied it is possible that you’re feeling powerless and isolated.

But, there are options and you can do things to stop the problem.

  • Keep a record (including time and date) – This may help you (or the police) to find out who is sending the messages.
  • Tell someone – Talk to someone you trust, a parent, friend, school counsellor or teacher.
  • Contact your phone or internet service provider and report what is happening – They can help you block messages or calls from certain senders.
  • If messages are threatening or serious get in touch with the police – Cyberbullying, if it’s threatening, is illegal. You don’t need to put up with that!
  • Don’t reply to bullying messages – It’ll only get worse if you do. By replying the bully gets what he or she wants. Often if you don’t reply the bully will leave you alone.
  • Change your contact details – Get a new user name for the internet, a new e-mail account, a new mobile phone number and only give them out to your closest friends.
  • Keep your username and passwords secret – Keep your personal information private so it doesn’t fall into the hands of someone who’ll misuse it