Security Settings

Ensuring that your child has correctly set the security settings on Social Media sites is essential. As well it is important that they are aware of the changes that Social Media sites can make to their Security Settings, sometimes with little or no warning to the user. Below is a link and the opening blurb on the Facebook blog that tells you all you need to know about Security settings and how to apply them.

The Facebook Blog

At Facebook, we’re constantly working on new ways to protect you from scams and help you keep your account and information secure. Today, we’re announcing some new tools and systems designed to keep the bad guys out and keep you abreast of suspicious activity so you can quickly take action to correct it.

We’ve always devoted significant time and effort to security. We’ve built technical systems that operate behind the scenes to quickly detect and block suspicious behavior, delete phony posts and messages, and return compromised accounts to their rightful owners. Most of these systems are invisible to the average person who uses Facebook. Very few people will ever experience a security issue on Facebook, which means that most of you have probably never noticed these systems at work. Rest assured that these systems are there, though, protecting you and your friends.

To try it out, go to the Account Settings page and click on the link next to “Account Security” at the bottom of the page. If you select the option to receive notifications for logins from new devices, when you log in, you’ll be asked to name and save the various devices you use to access Facebook.