One Parent’s Story

This might work for your family…

‘One of the problems that we were experiencing was getting our child to shut down and come out after using the computer.

‘We discovered and put into use a software program that controls our child’s computer time. You can set it for all individual users of the computer so that they can use the computer only during the particular hours each day that are specified in the software by the parent, and can use the computer only for a set number of hours each day.

‘The software can be set to give a five-minute warning, a three-minute warning, a one-minute warning and final beeps before it automatically shuts the computer down properly (and the parent doesn’t even have to be in the room!).

‘We have found it useful to use a system of tokens for good behaviour that can be cashed in for extra time on the computer (that can be pre-set). My child cashes in tokens for extra time each night before going to sleep. We give him half an hour every day, regardless of cashing in tokens, and allow him to extend his time by cashing in tokens for up to one hour maximum on the computer on school days (he can currently use this only between 4 pm and 6 pm) and up to two hours on weekend days (he can use this any time between 10 am and 6 pm on weekend days).

‘The software can be downloaded online and individual settings can be made for every user of the home computer so that if one child is older and is entitled to more time for study purposes than another.

‘We found that once the software has been downloaded, you need to run the set-up wizard first, then change the settings to what you want them to be. This ensures that the software runs correctly on the PC concerned.’