Acceptable Usage Policy

The following is the Acceptable Usage Policy for Secondary Students. Simpler versions exist for Primary Students. All Students and their Parents are expected to sign the Acceptable Usage Policy before they are allowed to use the School IT System.

Acceptable Usage Policy

The Ivanhoe Grammar School Information and Communication Technology (ICT) system will be used in an appropriate manner by authorised users.

Ivanhoe Grammar School will put in place protocols to protect privacy and dignity of individuals and security of information, to maintain the high public standing of the School and compliance with State and Federal laws.

Procedures and training for users will guide proper and lawful use of the system.

Users will sign a User Agreement.


Ivanhoe Grammar School’s Information and Communication Technology (ICT) System is provided as a resource to enable the School’s core business of education in a global society to operate efficiently and effectively.

It should be used for educational purposes, with personal usage kept to a minimum.

It should not be used for unauthorised business or inappropriate purposes. Uses of the ICT System which harm the reputation of the school or its community members, breach School rules or Federal or State laws may result in severe sanctions.


These protocols apply to all users of the Ivanhoe Grammar School ICT System. It encompasses the electronic software and hardware of the computer and telephone networks of the three Ivanhoe Grammar School campuses.

Responsibilities and consequences

  • Users of the School ICT Networks must accept responsibility for knowing the contents of Ivanhoe Grammar School Information & Communication Technology Policy and Protocols for Students and must agree to abide by them by signing the agreement form.
  • Each user is responsible for his/her password. It is not to be shared. A compromised password should be changed immediately.
  • Each user is responsible for the use and content of material and communications on the ICT System. Software, documents, files and emails may be inspected by authorised persons. All data is accessible to IT Services.
  • Director of ICT or representative is responsible for taking appropriate action when this policy and these protocols are breached.
  • Alleged inappropriate use of the ICT Network may be reviewed by the appropriate Head of Campus or representative, possibly leading to disciplinary or legal action.

Protocols for Students


The School ICT Network is for educational purposes.

When using it the student must:

  • respect the rights of others to access resources for teaching and learning, to privacy and good reputation;
  • follow School rules, and State and Federal laws.

Some personal use is allowed, but it must be with permission and must not interfere with school work, disrupt the system or harm the School’s reputation.

Not allowed:

  • anything which harms the reputation of Ivanhoe Grammar School or its staff and students;
  • sending confidential Ivanhoe Grammar School information to persons outside the School without permission;
  • sending private information such as e-mail and web addresses without permission;
  • activities which would damage the security of the system, such as hacking, use of others’ passwords;
  • breaking laws of copyright, moral rights or intellectual property – note: this includes illegal copies of software, music, video, images;
  • On-line games, gambling, chain mail, SPAM;
  • activities which might disrupt the network such as large email distribution lists or large attachments; large downloads or uploads;
  • mobile phone use is not allowed in class or assembly time. Phones must be turned off at such times, unless authorised;
  • Misuse of hardware which would lead to damage, loss or theft. Defects and damage must be reported to IT Services.

Other uses not listed could be inappropriate. Check with the Director of ICT.


Content of electronic software, documents, files, faxes, web pages, intranet, mobile phone messages and emails:

  • must not harm the reputation of the School, staff or students if it was seen by members of the public;
  • must be legal.

Material published on School Web pages or Intranet should follow good practice publishing standards and laws.

Not allowed:

1. Inappropriate, offensive or illegal material, such as anything that:

  • would cause offense to students, teachers or parents such as profanity, offensive language, obscenity, pornography, unethical or illegal solicitation, racism, sexism, ageism;
  • is derogatory or threatening to another: libellous, slanderous, inflammatory, threatening, harassing;
  • has intention to deceive, impersonate or misrepresent;
  • is Copyright material – except: small amounts of some material may be copied and communicated for your private study. Refer to IGS Copyright compliance documents.

2. Inappropriate material accidentally accessed on Internet or received via email:

  • immediately leave site or delete email. Advise IT Services if material illegal;
  • SPAM or Chain mail: delete, do not respond, advise IT Services if it contains offers of illegal material or services.

3. Forwarding emails without permission of sender or which contain copyright material (see above note about Copyright).

Storage and credits


  • Store only current information. Material to be kept should be stored elsewhere.

ICT System:

  • Use allowed storage space for school work. Personal material should be kept on laptops or portable discs;
  • Students are provided with enough download and printing credit to cover usual needs for school work. Extra downloads must be paid for.

No inappropriate, offensive or illegal material may be stored within the email system or Ivanhoe Grammar School ICT System.

Virus protection

All machines connected to the ICT System must have adequate anti-virus protection regularly updated.