For the Very Young

Even the very young need internet protection…

Children as young as 4 or 5 are now connecting to the internet. There are some wonderful programmes out there to entertain and teach but from this young age we must be aware of some of the dangers we perhaps haven’t considered.


Some websites might contain advertisements for alcohol or cigarettes directed at children. These can be difficult to block, because they are usually images without text.

Clicking on a link

Children might be only one or two clicks away from. Clever webusers create alluring images or text that can lead innocent children to violent, pornographic or offensive material especially if there are no filters or monitor software installed on your computer. See our section called Filters for a range that could suit your family.

Protect your child in the early stages

  • Sit with your child when they use the internet.
  • Explain to your child that not all information on the internet is appropriate, accurate or useful. Explain also that some areas are for grown-ups only.
  • Help your child recognise unsuitable material by giving them the words to tell you if they see something that they think is wrong. It could be a rude picture or words, there could be swearing on a site or pictures of scary things. Teach them to call you if they see something they don’t like.
  • You can also suggest safe search engines like to your children and bookmark them for later use.
  • Teach your child to use the internet safely by showing your child safe sites and explaining why they are safe. It’s also important to educate your child on why it’s not safe to give out any personal details online.

The following site has some excellent ideas to help you raise your children in the internet world