Moshi Monsters

Moshi Monsters is a new social networking gamed aimed at children from 7 to 14. The player adopts and looks after a small monster.  Solving educational puzzles leads to rewards called Rox, which can be used as currency to buy items for the adopted monster, such as food and furniture.  Users are able to choose colours and clothes for the adopted monsters. The setting is Monstro City, which includes stores, and streets such as Main Street, Sludge Street and Ooh La Lane

Moshi Monsters is one particular of the safest virtual worlds for children on-line today. 1 feature which makes this site safer for kids is that social networking is restricted and moderated. This characteristic can reassure parents that their youngsters of any ages are in a safe on-line atmosphere.

The site prides itself on being the safest social networking site on the net.  The opening ‘blurb’ includes the following:

Welcome to Moshi Monsters!

Many of us at Moshi Monsters HQ are parents ourselves, therefore we’re aware of the importance of keeping kids safe online. The three core elements at the heart of Moshi Monsters are FUN, EDUCATION and SAFETY. We imagine you might have a lot of questions, so we created this page in order to provide you with plenty of background on how the game works and how your child might use the site.

The site has limited social networking features, sets out to educate children, sets rules and tracks compliance.  It is good to see a site that takes its responsibilities so seriously

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