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Tweens and Teens Addicted to Minecraft. Is yours?

The problem with Minecraft, as aficionados will recognize, is that there is always ‘just one more thing to do’. Minecraft is a fun and educational game.  It requires thought, skill and concentration and like most things there is nothing wrong with it, in moderation.  Increasingly however  … Continue reading

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My Teen Son is Addicted to Video Games – Is Yours?

I’ve heard oodles about cybersafety and cyberbullying, what about cyber addiction! My once happy teenage son, kicked a footy around, skateboarded up and down the drive, did his homework and even said ‘Hi Mum’ when he came home from school. Now my 14 … Continue reading

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My 13 year old son wants Call of Duty- Black Ops….

you decide… This installment of the Call of Duty franchise is set during the cold war era, and offers the player a glimpse into this tense and frightening time. I do appreciate new material in video games (there are plenty … Continue reading

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Ivanhoe Grammar School Principal, Rod Fraser supports introduction of R18+ rating for video games

Ivanhoe Grammar School Principal, Mr Rod Fraser has expressed his support for the introduction of an R18+ rating for video games. “The introduction of an R18+ rating would allow parents to make a better informed decision on which games they … Continue reading

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Call of Duty: Black Ops

The latest release in the popular ‘COD’ games series has broken all games records since its release on 9 November 2010. Call of Duty: Black Ops raked in over $US360 million in the first 24 hours and will continue to … Continue reading

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