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The Boy who Saw too Much

When her 11 year-old son was exposed to a violent porn video online, Lizi Patch was left to explain adult concepts to a confused child. “Faced with hideous new information my son simply didn’t know where to file it.” Click … Continue reading

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Most Humiliating is the Embarrassing Pic on Facebook

More than anything else teens fear the posting of embarrassing photos of themselves. Many say that they cope with mean comments but they live in fear of someone taking a photo and posting it on one of the many social media networks … Continue reading

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Pussy Cats and Little Miss Muffet – Are your YouTube Safety Settings On?

Even the most cybersafety conscious parents can be unaware that a) Children need to be 13 to have a YouTube account, and b) Youtube has a safety setting that you can set to “ON” to filter content on YouTube. When your child … Continue reading

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“Am I pretty enough?”

  A new YouTube trend is leaving teens even more exposed. Girls and Boys video themselves seeking feedback on how others think they look. The videos are often headed, Am I ugly? or Do you think I am pretty? There are no … Continue reading

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Protect Under 13s from Youtube Poop!

Type ‘Barbie Doll’ into http://www.Youtube.com and you will get cute, fun videos on, ‘How to make a Barbie Doll Cake’ and quaint ‘Vintage Barbie Commercials’. But you will also get ‘Barbie throwing up in the toilet after a drunken night’, and ‘Pregnant Barbie’. Type Ken and Barbie … Continue reading

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